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Deadpool MAX (2010-2011) | E-Comic Series

Deadpool MAX (2010-2011) | E-Comic Series

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Deadpool Max is a limited series of Marvel comic books that ran from 2010–2011. The series is about Deadpool unknowingly working for the CIA. The series was written by David Lapham and features pencils and cover art by Kyle Baker. 
In the series, Deadpool has a low level of superhuman strength, which allows him to lift 800 pounds. He also has peak human speed, which allows him to run as fast as a trained athlete. Deadpool's powers come from a combination of aggressive cancer and an experimental scientific procedure. 
The series follows Deadpool as he works for the CIA at the command of his handler, Bob. Bob tells Deadpool that he is working against HYDRA. 

This comic book contains explicit or adult content and is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.

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